Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcome to Elephant Watcher

Welcome to Elephant Watcher, a comprehensive guide to the Republican Presidential Primary of 2012. Our mission is to provide one central location where you can get all the information and analysis you need to follow the race.

Each candidate's status will be updated when he enters the race, forms a presidential exploratory committee, declines to run, or withdraws from the race. Basic information has been provided about each candidate and each primary or caucus. The front page will provide links to important headlines and report on new polling data.

But Elephant Watcher goes far beyond merely reporting the facts. The internet provides an overabundance of information. Elephant Watcher will analyze the available information to explain what is happening and predict the likely outcome of the race.

To that end, the profiles of the candidates also assess their abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and formulate their optimal strategies. The candidates are then ranked according to how likely they are to win the Republican nomination.

The rankings will be continually updated to reflect how the race changes when it is affected by current events or a change in a candidate's strategy.

We hope that you enjoy following the race. Good luck to all of the candidates, and may the best one win.